Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra 5 Lbs

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra 5 Lbs

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Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra 5 Lbs

Introducing Beverly International Mass Maker! A perfect way to get a quality source of carbohydrates & protein in a unique and high quality blend that is sure to help you pack slabs of lean muscle! Whether your looking to increase calories in the off season or just need a to ensure that you’re getting quality calories on the go then Beverly International Mass Maker is just for you!

BestPriceNutrition Tip: Add a Scoop of Ultimate Muscle Protein for 1:1 Ratio of Carbs to Protein!


  • 270 Calories
  • 44 High Quality Carbohydrates
  • 20g of Various Sourced Protein
  • 2g of Fat
  • 1g of Fiber
  • 2g Sugar


Add 3 scoops of Mass Maker to 1 cup water or nonfat milk. Stir, shake or blend until smooth.



Allergen information: This product contains milk, soy, egg. Produced on equipement that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, and shellfish.


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